Designer vb file not updating

Like the question says: In Visual Studio, when in the Model.edmx, when I Update Model from Database...after adding a few new database fields, it's creating an almost duplicate Model1. file, but then the newly added fields aren't available.This has been reported to Microsoft, but they haven't been able to reproduce it.

(Courtesy Joisey Mike) Open the designer and save (you might have to change something in the markup before being able to save). Event subscriptions and other settings only kept in the designer won't be possible restore though.

However, sometimes when we attempt to update the dataset the Visual Basic/ C-Sharp code behind the scene does not get updated i.e., dataset.or dataset.does not get updated.

You can force Visual Studio 2008 to use a file and to have it create/update its designer code.

If you follow this procedure, you will delete your .designer file.

The new VS does not offer a "convert to web application" option, so you will have lost your .designer file!

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