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When you begin a relationship with a courting attitude, then everyone knows what the expectations are.You aren’t just winging it hoping to get what you want, or waiting around for someone else to decide when things are right or what your fate is.If it doesn’t work, you know it is okay because they simply weren’t the ones you were supposed to live life with. When we date, we make excuses for those things that tell us things aren’t right.The problem is, that little voice is supposed to point us in the right direction.That holds you to a higher standard than if you are just dating.After all, if you just date, who cares if you sleep with them on the first one, right? If, however, you look at your time together as a means to a forever union, then you are less likely to make rash and impulsive moves like casual sex that could ruin your chances at a lasting and meaningful relationship.

Think about all the opportunities you miss when you are with someone.[Read: 22 big early warning signs of a bad boyfriend] #7 You aren’t going to give it up.When you court someone, you want them to have respect for you and to think of you as their potential mate for life.A different attitude than you must kiss a lot of frogs to find your prince.If you don’t feel it right off the bat, you don’t try to make it fit.

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