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The vast majority of vintage, and especially antique (pre-1930) costume jewelry is unsigned.If you collect only signed jewelry, you will miss way too many highly collectible items.Buy jewelry books and look at photos of signed Weiss jewels. Most dealers don't mark up Weiss jewelry if it is unsigned, and you can find it all over flea markets, thrift stores & auctions.With so much fake Weiss Coro often left jewelry unsigned, particularly jewels that came in sets; sometimes only one piece in the set was signed.Many unsigned pieces are just as beautiful, well-made and durable as signed jewelry, and they are far less expensive.It's good to learn inexpensively when you start collecting. Many wonderful designer jewelry firms failed to sign their jewelry during different periods or different circumstances. In fact, many designers never signed their earliest pieces.We have to research, often repair and restore the jewelry, photograph and list each item on our website, and sometimes hold pieces in inventory for years until the right buyer comes along."I had a great experience with Paula from Horsekeeping. " - Deb"I recently order a ring from your Vintage Shop.

Some of these manufacturers go all the way back to the 1700s! He literally read the entire 1987 World Book Encyclopedia when he was 23 years old.

Most of the pieces have been previously owned but some are New Old Stock (NOS) that were never used.

Many pieces have signs of wear and use such as darkened patina on silver and gold. We will describe the condition of each item on its individual page.

We are in the vintage Native American jewelry rescue business and are passionate about finding new homes for used and vintage jewelry and artifacts.

That's why we purchase Native American pieces from estates, inheritances, collection downsizing and New Old Stock (NOS) inventory from closed stores.

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