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He eventually forced me to have a scan (not by choice of my own, but after i was hospitalized due to a fight I started) which revealed that i had a grade 2 tumor in my frontal lobe. Since being treated my personality has mostly returned to the person I was prior to having the tumor and my horrible behavior has subsided.

And they have been talking, every day, all day, months and months and months. He also wants them to move back and forth between us every 48 hours until they turn 18. I was vengeful, malicious, angry and just mean for no reason.

My husband was in the city with his family drinking.

I drove at a ridiculous speed into the children’s hospital to the emergency room and called him. Did he also check in every hour to see how she was, also no.

I believed that I was in the right even when I did things that any normal person could see was completely wrong. Looking back at the things I did now I am able to see just how terrible I was.

Since being diagnosed/treated I have tried to fix some of the damage I caused by my behavior but I am not sure I can. Even though I have been told that the tumor likely impacted my personality during that time, they (understandably) cant separate the person I was during that time from the person I was before/am now.

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