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Loneliness Ben Lazare Mijuskovic i Universe c/o Author House 1663 Liberty Dr.

Suite #300 Bloomington, IN 47403 9781469789330, .95, is a state we all face at times.

"Eyes Behind Belligerence" is a riveting read that should prove difficult to put down.

Finding the Light Liz Vincent Balboa Press Author House 1663 Liberty Drive, Suite 200 Bloomington, IN 47403-5161 9781452545172, .99, are all wounded by our past, and conquering that past is not allowing it to dominate us.

But amid all of the adventure, mythology, high celebrity, and dire threats, what does it genuinely mean to stay true oneself?

Today, Tomorrow, and Yesterday is an extraordinary exploration of what it means to be human, highly recommended.

"A Recruiter's Guide to Job Hunting: Effective, Insider Strategies That Will Get You Ahead of the Pack" is an advisory guide from Eric Knott as he touches on the importance of breaking ahead of the pack in today's job field, showing what job recruiters look for out of potential employees.

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Smart - Stupid Nation Yil Karademir Privately Published No ISBN, .95, slender, 36 page, oversized pamphlet, Yil Karademir's "Smart - Stupid Nation" is a hidden treasure waiting to be discovered.

This compendium of sage insights, insightful commentaries, intelligent advice, astute observations, perceptive quotes and enlighten cautions is both thoughtful and thought-provoking.

"16 Seasons in Hell" is a perspective of the Eastern front of the war from Daniel Bennett who uses his own infatuation with history to depict the conflict in a new light, a western perspective on the Eastern war.

Showing the impact of the western conflict had on Hitler's surge towards Moscow and how the USSR turned them back, "16 Seasons in Hell" is well worth considering for those who wish to learn more about the lesser known conflict of World War II.

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