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Other words that are antonyms of antique are modern, recent, and up-to-date.Constance Eileen King has written: 'Dolls and dolls' houses' -- subject(s): Dollhouses, Dolls 'Collecting dolls' -- subject(s): Catalogs, Collectors and collecting, Dolls 'Guide to Metal Toys and Automata' 'The collector's history of dolls' -- subject(s): Collectors and collecting, Dolls, History 'Jumeau, prince of dollmakers' -- subject(s): Dolls, History, Maison Jumeau 'The encyclopedia of toys' -- subject(s): Collectors and collecting, Toys 'Antique toys and dolls' -- subject(s): Dolls, History, Toys Antique troll dolls are worth quite a bit of money now.He was actually boasting about losing his virginity to some girl. True to his disengaged artifice, Andy does not attempt any illusion of exercise.I was tactful and didn't ask if he had to pay for that service. Or perhaps he does, rendering genuine effort and social participation indistinguishable from posing. He must have developed a strong sense of self to get past all the ridicule heaped on him for his appearance.The highest ranking doll depends on the category of doll one is looking for.On a collector's stand point, the most sought after dolls would be some of the porcelain antique dolls or even a stieff teddy bear. UK Based in Sheffield South Yorkshire, here at Diane’s Dolls & Bears we offer online website sales of antique dolls, 1950’s/60’s hard plastic, vintage, fashion dolls and antique and vintage teddy bears.

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The word antique doesn't have any one specific opposite word.

Some of the antonyms for antique are young, current, and new.

we recommend you contact your local auction house for this service or one of the online Facebook groups.

It lists a bunch once you clip on the first letter of what you are looking for. It could possibly be A for antique dolls, but I doubt it. Debbie Behan Garrett has written: 'Black Dolls A Comprehensive Guide to Celebrating Collecting and Experiencing the Passion' -- subject(s): black dolls, African American dolls, dolls, composition dolls, hard plastic dolls, antique dolls, artist dolls, Barbie, fashion dolls Gwen White has written: 'European and American dolls and their marks and patents' -- subject(s): Dolls, History 'Dolls of the world' 'A book of pictorial perspective' -- subject(s): Perspective 'Antique toys and their background' It depends on which doll you would like to get.

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