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The Sagittarius male is one who is constantly evolving, improving, progressing, growing, and yes, maturing.While he might seem like your average perpetual Peter Pan, underneath, he is slowly developing a sense of intense responsibility and commitment.Nevertheless, in viewing the characteristics and behavioral attributes of the Sagittarius male, it’s obvious the energies resonating with the planet of influence still align with the nature of the Sagittarius man.This is true even when considering negative aspects of the planet’s influence.The Sagittarius man is an adventurous soul so you can expect a lot of adventure in the bedroom.Sagittarian men want to keep it varied and a little bit spicy.The planet resonates with luck, political power, education, prosperity, abundance, fertility, and fame.

With Jupiter being associated with the king of the gods, it also causes the planet to resonate with the desire for monetary wealth, status, and power.The planet’s influence is associated with the word expansion.At this point, it should be noted that some astrologers consider Jupiter as a transpersonal planet, so it is an astral body that has little to no influence on the individual personality and more of an influence on society, in general.If you go to partner up with a Sagittarius and you become insecure, clingy or possessiveness, it is not something he will tolerate.The Sagittarius man’s desire for freedom sometimes makes him slow to commit, but when he commits he does so with all seriousness.

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