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At midnight the lights are turned off inside the church and candles are lit.

Then sweets and toys are handed out among the congregation.

His wife prays on Sundays and Wednesdays, their children on Fridays during school time and Sundays when they are off from school.

EASTER (Sham El-Nessim) Sham El-Nessim also known as “Smelling the Breeze”, is a spring festival that is always celebrated on a Monday. During the entire period of fasting, we do not eat any animal products, known as “food with a soul”, and we pray at church every day.

The father purfies the child by washing him/her in a washbowl and prays the “Salat el Tist”, Prayer of the Washbowl.

The whole process of baptism takes about half an hour.

DEATH When someone dies, a member of the family washes the body of the deceased.

After seven days, relatives and friends visit the new mother.

The parents go to church after the child is born by forty days if it were a boy and by eighty days if it were a girl.

Some married couples wishing to get pregnant pray in the church closest to their home and promise God to donate money or achieve a good deed for a specific church, if god were to make their wish come true.

These couples on the day of baptism would have to fulfil their promises.

MARRIAGE The entire marriage ceremony nowadays takes place in a church due to an official announcement from the church that all marriages would have to take place within church walls.

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All participants pray on the water of baptism for the child who is immersed three times in water sanctified with oil.

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