Dating rituals around world

Historically, young lovers in Holland would quite literally jump into bed with one another in the early stages of courtship. Instead, bundling or queesting was an act of intimacy which involved getting cozy beneath the sheets and engaging in everything from deep conversation to light-hearted banter.

If the man is serious then he should ask the woman out again.

From that moment on, the two are exclusively romantic with one another, so you have to be absolutely certain of your feelings before you dare proclaim them. In Wales, spooning does not refer to cuddling up tightly in bed, though the Welsh likely enjoy that as much as anyone else. In this rather bizarre display of affection, when a man would like to date a woman, he has to go to the painstaking effort of carving a wooden spoon for her by hand.

And, of course, it can’t be any old style of spoon.

If you happen to be a man in Malaysia, you should know that there’s only one way to a woman’s heart — shoes. After that, they would be matched with a potential love interest (based on the shoes they bought) and a date would be arranged.

Back in 2012 as part of a frankly genius marketing campaign, dating agency Lunch Actually and retailer Shoes, Shoes, Shoes teamed up to match single ladies with suitors based solely (see what I did there? What’s more, during the date, said guy would present them with a discount voucher for the very same store. Finally, it’s perhaps the most romantic of all the dating rituals: bundling.

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