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The most expensive picture in the world ever is an image of women being kept for the sexual availability of men.The idea that women exist for the sexual service of more powerful men I wouldn’t say is wrong for Picasso to paint, but it’s quite telling how women are often portrayed in some art in a very sexualised way.2016 saw Lea Michele, Iskra Lawrence and Madeleine Shaw respond to our naked women call out and proudly proved that they too – even with PTs, chefs and wellness staff – have cellulite, stretch marks and more too.Come 2017, Jenna Tatum was gracing the cover and the likes of Alexandra Burke and Melanie Sykes the pages. 'Our research found British women are overwhelmingly negative about their bodies and our cover star Rochelle Humes used to be no exception,' says Claire Sanderson, WH Editor-in-chief.It has come under fire for asking students to perform naked in a candlelit room, as part of the final exam for an advanced visual arts class.The project, entitled ‘The Erotic Self’, has been criticised after the mother of one of the students claimed her daughter was forced to perform nude, in a room where all the other students and male professor were also naked. I'm not sending her to school for this," she told KGTV in San Diego.If they were drawing them in skimpy underwear it might be different, but there’s something un-erotic about drawing nude figures.” For him, the most important element is the context of the nudity – whether it’s the model getting naked or the art students themselves: “It’s the context of whether they feel humiliated or whether they’re happy to embrace that as the concept of the class.If they feel humiliated, I’d be uncomfortable with that.” He sees no difference between male and female nudity – though a number of life drawing teachers tell me that the most popular nude models are always female. Roz Hardie, CEO of feminist organisation Object, tells me that it’s important to look at gender when it comes to nudity: “In a British historical tradition, nudity is associated with not being powerful.

I know that, for my health, it has to be.’winner 'Healthy eating encouraged me to kick-start my gym routine, too. It’s been a slow fitness process but the rewards are for the long term."To blanket say you must be naked in order to pass my class - it makes me sick to my stomach." The professor, Ricardo Dominguez, has been teaching the class for 11 years and said students knew what was expected from the beginning, explaining: “It's a standard canvas for performance art and body art. If they are uncomfortable with this gesture, they should not take the class.” The university has explained the class is not mandatory and emphasised that students don’t actually have to remove their clothes. Whatever the outcome, it raises questions around whether nudity in art is essential - and where the line falls between art and pornography.Stephen Palmer, a life drawing teacher, tells me that nudity isn’t always sexual: “People have the idea it’s quite titillating but actually it’s the opposite.“Today we’d probably consider [the courtesans in the painting] to be trafficked women and we’d be campaigning for resources to help them.” Like Palmer, she stresses the context is important and that nudity ib itself is not a problem – it’s just the message that the artwork is giving out.This is something that Laura Dodsworth has direct experience of.

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