Dating my boyfriends brother

You may like him because he has a quality your boyfriend don't have. Woman are attracted to things we can't have and can't figure out.At the moment you have crush on him, you can't be in love with someone you don't know. Try to figure out what attracts you to him, you may just be attracted to that quality.Do you want your boyfriend to approach his brother alone first?Is it possible to have an open discussion with the three of you together?And I haven't cheated on my boyfriend and I would never do that as t would rip his family apart.The crazy part is, that I wouldn't normally go for someone like him, he's overweight with spots, he barely washes and listens to awful emo music which I can't stand but there is something about him that I am totally smitten with.

Moreover, when my boyfriend attempts to speak to his parents about the situation, they act as if they have never noticed it and immediately dismiss the problem. If we are eventually going to be family, how do I go about dealing with this or approaching him?Something has been stirred up with your boyfriend’s brother.He must have a reason for his initial response to the two of you dating.He may not like the influence he sees you have over his brother.Again, it may not be logical, but the best place to start is to validate how your boyfriend’s brother is feeling. The best way to prevent him from being defensive is to hear him out, even if it’s painful for you. I am hearing that you would like for the relationship between his brother and you to be different. You are trying to find out why he is upset; address the issue, and talk about how to get along better in the future.

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