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Statement: He insisted on hugging me to give me "some oxytocin." My reply: what a narcissist, and an idiot.

He has a partial (incorrect) scientific brain receptor knowledge re: women have oxytocin released via touch, but it's touch of a cared or loved person e.g. Not touch of a creepy, lazy, clueless, immature stranger.

The only reason I knew it was him was because he walked briskly to me and said my name. Why do some guys put up a profile pic which is obviously at least 10 years old?

Would the "first date" he suggested be OK with you?

Q2: Would the "first date" he suggested be OK with you?

A2: No way would I a) drive 2 hours let alone 4 hours to meet a guy (I'm assuming you're very rural and geographically pickings are slim), and extra no way would I go to his house without knowing him.

They should suggest to meet somewhere in public so women are comfortable.It’s a fairly common problem across the board for males & females. I guess I knew the answer to my questions; just needed reinforcement because he could see no wrong in all that he did.And yes, my address he has is my email; should have clarified that.For the first date, he wanted me to drive 4 hours to his place and stay for 3 days (at his place.) I was a bit so suggested we meet half way at a busy coffee shop.We did that and I didn't recognize him when he walked in.

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  1. Oddly enough, Miley seems to be following in her brother's exact footsteps when it comes to relationships since Song and Trace got back together, "announcing" it through photos on their Instagram accounts in 2015 — just like Miley and Hemsworth would end up breaking off their engagement, only to begin dating again years later in 2016. I can't help but root for the Cyrus kids and their significant others and Trace opens up about Song a lot on his Instagram account, noting how the couple has had their "ups and downs" throughout their six years together. They'll probably never move back."Beyond his personal life and band, Trace also owns the clothing company Southern Made Hollywood Paid (SMHP).