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Some researchers claim that he lived from 1835 until 1900 but I have never seen any factual evidence of this.What has been documented is that virtually all of his known work was created between 18.

Below is an example print, click to see it in action.Ukiyo-e prints are often called “Pictures of the floating world” where life is hard and has no certainty.When looking at Japanese woodblock prints it is also helpful to know a basic outline of the chronology of Japanese history as often they are described by the era of their creation.There are groupings of Japanese woodblock prints often called schools and these are: Another commonly used term for Japanese woodblock prints is Ukiyo-e.The Japanese word ukiyo historically describes the normal working people – and the letter -e means picture so the term Ukiyo-e was used to describe woodblock prints which display realistic scenes of everyday life in Japan from the early 1700s to 1900.

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