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If you’re aiming for lighter fare, ask for the yuzu-infused ahi crudo and juicy diver scallops; for a more substantial meal, the chorizo hush puppies and lobster artichoke melt should do the trick.

Either way, you’ll also want to down a cocktail or two, like the delightfully refreshing Diamonds and Pearls: a vodka and ginger beer concoction kicked up a notch with lime juice and raspberries.

Wright plans to shoot five days of pickup shots next month, after Adams finishes making , a Ron Howard movie for Netflix.

After the first course, it’s clear why dinners here take forever to leave; each dish is creatively prepared and beautifully presented, with an emphasis on seafood like abalone, spiny lobster, and spot prawns.Tickets go on sale every other Friday at a specific time, so you have to be ready to pounce (trust us, you’re competing with a million other people).But the hassle is worth walking through the door with the old Raffallo’s Pizza sign above it and experiencing Ludo Lefebvre’s wildly inventive tasting menu, with dishes that combine ingredients in ways you never imagined -- like cantaloupe soup with avocado and white chocolate or crispy tapioca bites filled with passionfruit and fried in parmesan.And just in case you’re still hungry the next day, they send you home with treats -- usually artisanal chocolates and a fresh baked pastry a hundred times tastier than your usual breakfast cereal.Located in the W Hollywood right across the street from Hollywood Pantages, Delphine is the ideal place to grab a pre-show bite -- and while there are tons of other restaurants in the area, Delphine’s laid-back-yet-elegant ambiance and solid menu sets the mood for a classy evening watching .

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Expect a heavy dose of creativity too: spot prawn served pomodoro-style in a shellfish broth (an example of what you might find on the seasonal omakase menu), the succulent quartet of uni that arrives sizzling in olive oil (a highlight from the a la carte selection), and much more.

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  1. More often than not you’ll either find yourself sitting on a couch drinking free beers surrounded by smoking 19 year olds, or at the bar. And oh, turns out her friend is the lead singers GIRLFRIEND. One (which thank god I can’t find on line) was even on the radio in Vegas! I can’t remember the exact chorus but it goes something like “Missing you is like going days without water, not getting to hold you feels like torture, if this is what it’s like to be without your touch then I’ll seeee you in my dreaaaaaaaams.” I’m getting pangs of embarrassment as I type this, I used to play this song for people. You have to make small talk with other girlfriends of band members and there’s hardly anything to say.