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By subjecting myself to a constant barrage of mom-dates I’ve found some serious mommy-friend keepers, and have fallen victim to cringe-worthy fails, many of them my own fault.Here’s what I’ve learned in the trenches: There is a certain about yoga pants that allows everyone to take a big sigh of relief, our butt included (everyone’s butt looks awesome in yoga pants.) Seeing you in the official mom uniform will remind your date that you’re just like her, you’re in it together, and there is no need to compete.This will help prevent you from needing to ask every poor mother who enters the park (because you’ll probably be at a park,) whether she’s there to hang out with you.I get so nervous before first dates, I inevitably forget the diaper-bag 60% of the time, and my son does a bust-out-of-the-diaper poop 100% of the time. I’m sure that theory is true, but it hasn’t happened for us that way yet. I just need someone who ‘gets it’ and understands the beauty of motherhood as well as the frustrations. Someone that can put a glass in their hand and cheers me for surviving another day as mama bear. The Heck.’ ‘I heard two soft voices greet each other. I hear that it’s easier to make mom friends when your kids make friends in school. Do either of you care what kinds of foods you feed your kids or what kind of television they watch? At the end of the day I just want my fellow mom friend to come over and watch the Kardashians or Catfish on the couch with me after our kids go to bed. I thought it went well, so I asked, “Want to go out for coffee sometime? You both seem to need friends.”I never went out with her sister.

The uniform mom look for mom dates: you should look pretty, tired, and only partially put together. Not only do you have to like this mom friend, but each of your kids have to get along! There’s so many intricate parts that have to align.The birth of my second child threw my world into chaos.Butt into their conversations they’re already having? Throw out some random questions about the city they could answer?

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