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I’m not just talking about meeting his wingman either, if you’ve met his crew, you’re good! Say My Name Another tactic to tell he’s not into her anymore is if he doesn’t mention her name and better yet, never accidentally calls you by her name either!If a guy is still hung up on his ex, he’ll definitely find ways to work her into the convo one way or another.And, if you and your SO have mutual friends who are friends with his ex, this is an entirely possible scenario.It's not uncommon for people to remain friends with their exes, especially if they were friends before they started dating.As long as he’s taking things slow with you-and I don’t mean just sexually.If he’s taking his time getting to know you and dating you, he’s not in a rush to forget his ex or just occupy his time. The First of Many Firsts Excuse me for sounding a little Fifty Shades of Grey, but another awesome sign he’s over his ex if he’s creating new memories with you.If he expects you to live up to standards set by his ex and makes you feel uncomfortable and insecure, he’s not ready.If he lets you be you and doesn’t expect you to be like anyone else, he has definitely moved on!

What are some of the ways you can tell a guy is over his ex?

No matter how casual the relationship was, everyone needs time to mend their heart and be single for awhile.

If your new love interest has been on the market for more than 3 months, it’s very likely that he’s ready to move on with you! No Competition The last and another obvious way to tell he’s over his ex is if he doesn’t make you feel like you have to compete with his ex.

No jealous ex hoping for a reunification is going to be happy for his ex who is happy with someone else.

If there are any signs that he’s secretly fuming, you’ll be able to tell quickly. Security Blanket A good sign that he’s over his ex is if he can introduce you to his ex and make you feel secure.

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