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In contrast to the West, where conversations are slowly evolving towards a more nuanced discussion of the merits of blockchain technology and institutional adoption, Chinese crypto enthusiasts largely maintain a single-minded speculative focus: Will this coin be listed on a Korean exchange soon? have engendered many tragedies, and created a more insidious impact: For those who truly believe in the blockchain, such scams are smearing the blockchain technology name, making it notorious while the underlying premise is laudable.” The challenges Chinese women in crypto face are similar to those anywhere else in the world, but they’re compounded by the chaos and “scammy”-ness of the space.Attend any Chinese blockchain meetup, and you’ll come across perhaps eight women for every 100 attendees.Any given blockchain project can have 50 or more We Chat groups dedicated to it, each boasting 300 to 500 members who share and discuss every company announcement.One of those We Chat groups is called Blockchain Ladies.

Since Twitter and You Tube are banned in China, We Chat (China’s answer to Whats App) is our community hub of choice.Share your knowledge with other women in the space; for example, I host internal tech training sessions at IOST for our non-technical female employees so they can talk about it in an educated way.You have probably heard this before, but don’t focus on your femaleness.Don’t become a tool or sacrifice your integrity to get ahead.Surround yourself with both male and female advocates who trust you, are familiar with your work, and will empower you to achieve your goals. Many of the (predominantly male) crypto millionaires around you actually know very little beyond the ins and outs of crypto trading, so aspire to outshine them in everything else.

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