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Let me start by giving specific examples and use that to drive home my generalized "aha! One of Genghis Khan's strategy to scare tribes and kingdoms into surrender was to brutally kill his captives in public - burning them alive, using them as cannon balls, just to list a couple.

Now that is superlative of cruelty by any standards.

I just started reading this interesting memoir of Genghis Khan.

I am only about 20 pages into it, but for some reason it has started sparking insights about the ways in which a history-changing khan thinks differently from someone like me.

What do we do when we do not believe in the religious practices of our families or our clan?

We crib about it, refuse to follow them, argue with the folks who hold these beliefs and talk about how we would abolish these baseless beliefs if we got a chance to rule the world. - he quietly realizes that these religious beliefs or practices were created for a social reason; and uses them to his advantage without creating a hullaballoo about it.

But at the same time, he was highly supportive of teachers and doctors and craftsmen, to the extent that he did not even tax them!

Nowadays it not so easy to get into, what with it suddenly being a popular job and that some Universities and colleges now run degrees/courses.

Genghis Khan also played on the religious beliefs of common man in his elaborate ploy to earn their loyalities and turn them against those he did not like.

This obviously indicates that he himself did not believe in those religious beliefs.

My grandmother had a catalba tree behind her house, near the back door.

I always called it the bean tree, and didn't actually know it's name until I re-read Prodigal Summer by Barabra Kingslover this month.

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