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At this stage every cuddle does not necessarily have to lead to sex and some women appreciate this.For those still interested in sex, the ability to talk openly and frankly with one's partner about anything to do with sex is essential.Through much negative publicity, prostate cancer is often linked to incontinence and impotency and many men become so concerned about this that they may delay or even refuse treatment.There can be erection problems during or after cancer treatments but medical procedures are improving all the time and some of these problems may be only temporary.

Some men and women are so shy that they are not able to speak to anyone.Some recommendations which can make a difference to relationships and to quality of life A summary of positive guidelines taken from a personal journey - and many case histories exchanged confidentially over at least 17 years.Roz Baker - Relationship Mentor - voluntary support (PCFA Board WA Chair 2014)There are few shocks more mind shattering than when a man is told "You have prostate cancer".In the right environment, with this support, most men adapt very quickly to this uncharted situation.It helps if every small improvement is shared and celebrated.

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Talk to people you may know who have had this experience and read whatever you can about it.

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