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During a dive, Ted spots sunken treasure and returns with hope to retrieve it.Elvis plays Ross Carpenter, a fishing guide/sailor who loves his life out on the sea.August 14th Lieutenant Governor Anderson appeared on television announcing the curfew which made it a crime for any unauthorized persons to be on the streets in the curfew area after p.m 11. August 17th Governor Brown lifts the curfew The riots ended with 34 dead and 1,032 reported injuries, including 90 Los Angeles police officers, 136 firemen, 10 national guardsmen, 23 persons from other governmental agencies, and 773 civilians.More than 600 buildings were damaged by burning and looting and another 200 buildings were destroyed, More Information and Timeline For 1965 Northeast Blackout 1.The word Hypertext is created to describe linking in early computer systems and computer networking.The St Louis Arch is completed and The Beatles release 4 new albums including "Help".

' Return to Sender',' I Don't Wanna Be Tied' and a finish of ' Because of Love' are the only half decent songs in this rather boring tale that always fails to keep even me - an ardent Elvis fan - engaged for it's 95 minutes. Indeed, Stevens didn't take to Elvis at all, tried to pull out of filming and claims to have never watched the film...He upsets the lifeguard by taking his girl and 3 daily work hours. A singing rodeo rider hires on at an expensive all-women dude ranch and beauty spa.He falls for a pretty fitness trainer who is constantly threatened by a gang who wants her late grandfather's cache of gold hidden in a ghost town. leads civil rights march in Alabama from Selma to Montgomery, The Voting Rights Act, guaranteeing African Americans the right to vote becomes law, Operation Rolling Thunder Launched In Vietnam, St.This was also the first year mandated health warnings appeared on cigarette packets and smoking became a no no.

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