Dating 10 years younger guy

When I decided to ignore the rules and walk my own magnificent path, my life massively improved, as did my love life.

Rebelling against these oppressive ideas isn’t just empowering, it’s good for society in general. WHAT YOU THINK YOU NEED AND WHAT YOU ACTUALLY DO ARE TWO DIFFERENT THINGS.

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Deeply embedded resentment, daily emotional abuse, and massive financial loss will do that to a person.The younger millennial male has come of age in a post-recession era, so their expectations of traditional ‘success’ are more realistic.They’ve grown up with the digital revolution so they’re more open and accepting of social development.Perhaps you’ve dated a guy with a huge amount of debt that limited your activities.Perhaps you’ve dated a guy with kids whose responsibilities had to be accommodated for.

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With my younger guy, the worth of my life experience is a given and my advice is actually valued.

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  1. Tinder on the other hand argued that over half their user base was aged 18-24 (though the two nearly tarry up if we extend the range to 34, with Tinder’s 85% not hugely different to Global Web Index’s 83%).