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For those of you that have taken a chemistry class or two and want to know the intimate details, by all means, read on.

The premise: The premise is that, cosmic rays hitting the atmosphere create speeding neutrons that collide with nitrogen atoms producing carbon 14.

This is a contentious area, with many creationist views pitted against the claims of science.

For more information, please visit: the creationist claim is actually very true, here is a chapter from my SCIENTIFIC book: Carbon Dating Many evolutionists believe this to be the proverbial nail in the coffin to the creation of the world, believing that this is the most solid evidence against creationists.

Most creationists seem unaware that carbon dating is of most use in archaeology, where artefacts are of quite recent origin, and is not used for establishing the age of rocks or ancient fossils.

Nevertheless, they believe that by repeating the claims about the supposed inaccuracy of carbon dating, the majority of readers will begin to doubt the basis for evolution.

In this section I am going into a bit of science so hold on.

If this is only going to bore you and make you put down this book, by all means skip to the end, don't worry it will be under a big title labeled conclusion, you can't miss it.

All things should absorb these atoms of carbon 14 their entire life, maintaining the same ratio of Carbon 14 to carbon 12 as the atmosphere. This ratio, (1 to 1 trillion) will begin to change, the number of carbon 14 atoms diminish while the number of carbon 12 atoms remain the same.However using a creationist pre-flood ratio of carbon 14 to carbon 12 reduces the age to 5,000 years, just about dead on the the biblical age of the earth.Conclusion: Yes you just saw the words "dead on to the biblical etc." don't panic, you should have read along, now look at what you've missed.For the scientists now asleep, we had a beautiful read without you. Okay, we just learned that since you need a starting ratio for carbon dating, and since nobody knows what the starting ratio was, probably because there weren't any scientists around 6 thousand to several billion years ago.And the best you can do with this technology of carbon dating, is operate it on an assumption, an assumption that if wrong, badly distorts the outcome, thus carbon dating is pointless, unless you want an inaccurate age of a recent item, like whether or not the 1980's magazine you got is original.

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However, the discrepancy has turned out to be very real indeed, as the ratio of carbon 14 and carbon 12 is not constant.

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