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You can apply Hot Fix 1 to Paradox version, which is included in certain editions of Word Perfect Office X5.

To find out which version of Paradox you currently have installed, click Help The Word Perfect Office IFilter for 64-bit systems is a program that allows multiple search engines to index and search within Word Perfect and Quattro Pro document formats.

Release Notes Released: 2012-11-20 Word Perfect Office Service Pack 1 offers support for Windows 8.

Additionally, it includes PDF enhancements, general macro support, and adjustments to Grammatik, the grammar checking tool.

However, it seems more likely that Corel merely neglected to mention this aspect of the AACS specification.Corel Software, who purchased Inter Video last August, have announced that they have issued a mandatory update for all Win DVD owners who wish to continue to use the software to view Blu-ray and HD DVD discs.The update is being issued to address the recent cracks that have extracted volume and title keys from AACS-protected Blu-ray and HD DVD titles.Additions that you've made to a dictionary in a previous version of Perfect Authority are not automatically added to the Perfect Authority 1.5 dictionary.Follow these steps to transfer your customizations to Perfect Authority 1.5.

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You can only apply Hot Fix 1 to Paradox Runtime version, which is included in certain editions of Word Perfect Office X5.

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