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So, before you listen to the pundits that tell you to never roll your debts into a mortgage, consider the effect of the amortization schedule, the loan term, and the reason the debts exist and make the best decision for yourself.

This is another example of why I tell people to “Start with the House” to reach financial freedom.

With interest rates on credit cards often ranging from 12-18 percent, that can produce a real savings.

Second, you may be able to set up a consolidation loan that lets you pay off your debt over a longer time than your current creditors will allow, so you can make smaller payments each month.

First, the wrong way – if you simply get a larger mortgage and spread out your payments on your 3 year old car for 30 years, you are probably making a mistake. Are they from a specific event or cause, such as a medical emergency, or are they a result of a lifestyle that consistently out-spent your income?

In fact, you will go back into debt if you are in the habit of using credit cards to get by.

Second – know what your amortization schedule looks like.

What types of debts can be covered by a debt consolidation?

Generally, anything where you've incurred a debt that needs to be paid off over time - credit card bills, auto loans, medical bills, student loans, etc.

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What you can't roll into a consolidation loan are ongoing bills and debts - the type where you incur new charges every month, such as gas, electric, cable TV, Internet, phone service, rent and the like.

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