Consolidating albums on itunes

Launch i Tunes, and select Library, Organize Library from the File menu.

Make sure there’s a checkmark in the Consolidate Files box, and click OK.

It would be better to go up a size, from 50 GB to 60 GB, as the minimum space needed. Perhaps you’re an avid collector of new music and podcasts, or you like to install lots of mobile apps.

All of your i Tunes media files are now located in the i Tunes folder, within the ~/User_Name/Music folder.

The next step is to copy the i Tunes folder to the external drive you plan on using. Open a Finder window and navigate to ~/User_Name/Music.

We’re going to assume that you haven’t previously changed the default i Tunes library location.

If you have, please substitute your i Tunes library location in the following steps.

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