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The earliest reference I could find was an 1764 ad which offered among other things, "bibles, Spelling books, primmers gloucester cheese and bottled beer." The forms varied little from the 1850-1880s. American manufactured stoneware beer bottles are commonly found in the Eastern States.

Beer was to be drunk at room temperature, but storage was best in a cool place. Bottles not always recycled, but when they were cleaning them out was problematic.Any bottle we feel is that little bit special goes in our Designer Bottle section and in this section don't miss our 750 ml triple bottle.This really makes a very special gift with three bottles fitting together to make one bottle.Remember the more you buy the more economical your purchase and postage is.Shipping is just £7.95 UK Mainland no matter how much your buy!!

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'Bottles with corks' has proved to be one of our most visited categories; the smaller sizes being very popular for wedding favours and small gifts, and our artisan producers are enjoying experimenting with many of the other sized bottles with corks.

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