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So here's a little help to all the singles out there.

Free online dating, Christian singles, penpals, chat rooms and social networking are some of the Christian dating related articles just released by Christia Net, Inc.

One of the participants said, "One of the fruits of the Holy Spirit is self-control." It is important to realize that your body is not your own.....

I belive we date to find a mate we go out with friends and to fellowship outings to learn how to listin' and communicate which has 90% to do with dating ( the rest is making sure you look good..hahah and don't trip..hahaha) Yes your heart can take over and if you fall for a lost soul not only you but everyone you know & they know are involved.

while dating, you will probably get a better feel for the person-whether they're agaisnt becoming a Christian or have had no experience or oppurtunity to learn about Jesus. Not at all "Can a person heap burning coals into their lap and not be burned?

If the person becomes a Christian, then that's great!!! " We know pagans to be utter fools about some things.

Bottom line, it is not forbidden, but it is very unwise...perhaps sinful via arrogance/pride in tempting Satan to tempt/attack you.I cannot find anything to commend dating not-Christians, but I find much to oppose it.I was the not-Christian (agnostic) in my marriage of many years ago. I personally want my children to be raised according to christian values. Will he change or being not so committed when faced with worldly temptations such as money, women. Knowing that my partner is a Christian and a god fearing person i can be assured that he will love me unconditionally 4.Houston, TX (PRWEB) September 16, 2006 -- Christia ( the world's largest Christian portal with twelve million monthly page loads, asked its readers to respond to a survey on kissing while dating.Many of the participants agreed that it is acceptable but it should be disciplined.

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