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She was a traditional girl (which is none of my business) – it’s just that I took time to understand. You can just remove a non-suitable person from your We Chat contact list.

I didn’t say anything to her, just removed the contact from my We Chat. I’ll have a detailed post coming up soon about how to have a solid We Chat dating game in China.

When I’m interested in someone, I’d invariably ask them about their relationship status before confirming a date.

We did meet again (as I invited her), and this time as we finished dinner she rushed to the billing counter and paid the dinner bill – RMB 72.

They just don’t wanna share their relationship status. Well, there is no issue if she likes only certain types of men, but if she gives an impression of anything that’s racist or confirms gold-digging tendencies, I’d seriously mind it.

Imagine dating a girl who wanna ask your age, salary, company name, and everything else – but can’t share her relationship status with you. I like associating with people who are open to diverse culture and ideas.

Within a couple of minutes, I got another photo – “my husband”. Obviously, if someone has a boyfriend/husband, you should be moving on. If a girl asks you too much of personal information such as age, salary, passport number, full name, etc.

Also, I have seen quite a few Chinese girls coming for a date only to tell me that she already likes someone. – most likely she is looking for a serious relationship (which is okay).

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🙂 Around the same time, I was also in touch with another girl and when I invited her, she said – “I’ll bring my friends, you can also bring your friends. Btw, why Asian girls often suggest bringing friends on a date could be a topic of another blog, but here are some of the common reasons- I still find it weird and difficult to talk to two girls together on a date and wouldn’t agree about the chaperon.

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