Then it is a frenzy of paddling until we finally stand up on the board and get into the flow of love.

Also I didn't come from a city school, I came from a very small country school - my class was the largest with around 130 graduating.

we women play the same game, but we've wanted to change the rules.

Just can't run very fast OK, so you are saying that this is commonly understood.

You protect yourself against someone "stealing" the bases (the players) by paying attention to the clues and not letting yourself be fooled by a false play.

If someone ignores the signs, or prefers to totally skip any observance of the "players" game skills/behavior before dancing around the bases with them- then it's just as much their fault as it is the "players".

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Our unparalleled Live Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technology is available in more than 1,000 cities across North America.After that, we paddle out toward that big wave avoiding the occasional shark.La la la CK - these 'baseball' terms go back to the 50's - and you're not that much older then me.Part of the game of baseball, one of the ways to "score" is to "steal" base (or home) by fooling the other player into thinking what you were doing was something other than what it really was.When you meet someone at an event that you might be interested in, you have the opportunity to pre-screen their game skills (watch them in action) for as long as you want before deciding if your interest might be real.

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One of these days, whatever we do to harm other people will come home to us in one way or another.

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