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Courtney tries to limit her alcohol consumption, while Brandi M.purposely gives her vodka, but fails and passes out.Riki points out how well Megan is working because instead of carrying heavy items one at a time, she carries them on the rolling speakers.The other team carries the heavy items one at a time and takes a slower pace while following the instructions.Lacey sees an opportunity to push Dallas by throwing the sandbags forcefully so Dallas misses most of them, and then Sgt. joins her best friend Megan in on the sled when given the opportunity. The next challenge is to set up a stage and a green room for Daniella's rock musician husband, Gilby Clarke, and the team who performs the best job will be made safe from expulsion.Lacey, Megan, Brandi C., Jessica, Kristy Joe, and Destiney are on the first team.First aired October 26, 2008 At the beginning of the episode, Lacey, Brandi C.

Sharon confronts Courtney and says Charm School cannot help her with drinking problems, but says they can help her by admitting her to a drug rehabilitation program. First aired October 19, 2008 The episode begins with Brandi C., Megan and Lacey scheming and discussing about their three "targets" for forcing into elimination: Dallas, Brandi M. Heather reads a note from Sharon notifying them of their first challenge and that they will have to wear their uniforms.

Raven then fights with Megan, Jessica, and Brandi C.

because they feel Raven is acting as if she is superior to the others and to Charm School.

Lacey takes charge of her team and they assemble their project quickly.

Sharon and the deans state that while the other team has the brawn, Lacey's team definitely has the brains.

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