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It wasn’t so much the break-up that bothered me, but the fear of being alone, ugly and sick.

The day I was scheduled to meet the surgeon and discuss my surgical options, my boyfriend was supposed to come with me.

I was a healthy, fit, 28-year-old, with no trace of any cancer in my family.

When my doctor called me with the news, I was hysterical about what I thought was a “death sentence” I had just received.

But the night before my appointment, Rob said he wanted to take “a break” until January—which is when I was scheduled to finish chemo—to figure out his “life and work.” I sarcastically said, “A break while I go through chemo, doesn’t that sound wonderful.

What a great idea Rob, I’m sure my roommate would love that too, oh and my mom, and most of all, I want a break while I go through chemo.” He said he didn’t mean it that way, but there was no recovering after that.

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I was wearing a DIY mermaid costume with a green tight skirt, gathered at the hem to resemble a fin, a seashell bra, and to top it off, a very long, pastel pink wig—a fun escape from the brown wig I was wearing full-time.

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