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I also co-authored text that was eventually adopted in laws regarding stem cells, and my speech to the CA cloning commission is the Representative American Speeches volume.

I have provided commentary for the media, including All Things Considered, Frontline, Today Show, Anderson Cooper 360, Good Morning America, 60 Minutes, and most major US and European newspapers and wire services. FDA for distinguished service on its Panel on Molecular and Genetic Devices.

Bioethics for Beginners is a brilliant introduction to the ethical issues that make science really interesting, and a masterfully written read that combines scholarship, humor and humility.

-Chris Mooney, author, The Republican War on Science and The Republican Brain In a concise and matter-of-fact fashion, Mc Gee stacks explosive issue upon explosive issue, from abhorrent clinical trials to the radical research that undermines our sense of humanity. -Richard Gallagher, Editor-in-Chief at Lives: New Answers for Global Health and co-founder of Hopeful Monster Publishing Publishers Weekly: "Prominent bioethicist Mc Gee urges readers to get smart about their DNA before it's too late in this genetic answer to Nicholas Negroponte's Being Digital.

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By using our site, you agree to our collection of information through the use of cookies. My most cited work deals with ethical issues in genetics, the compensation of research subjects, models for parenting and enhancement, a pragmatic theory of bioethics, the patenting and sale of biological materials, ethical issues in tissue and gene banks, and ethical issues in stem cell research.

My current focus is on the integration of analytics and AI in higher education and the use of blockchain in healthcare management.

I have testified before US House and Senate committees and several state legislatures, primarily on measures involving stem cell research, cloning and ART.

In rapid-fire chapters packed with references to news stories and scientific studies, Mc Gee outlines new developments in genetic testing, gene therapy and genetically modified food organisms.

Just as personal computers have brought the digital revolution into our daily lives, home diagnostic kits will let us (or force us to) take charge of our own genes.

This book is something of a scattered cautionary lecture, veering off into corporate tactics, legalities and personal anecdotes, but Mc Gee makes his point in the end, offering a heads-up assessment of how advances in genetic research are sure to complicate our lives." Booklist: "Pitched to readers who take genetics personally, wondering what all those headlines about the Human Genome Project mean for my genome, Mc Gee presents in effect an owner's manual. 6)"Mc Gee's Pragmatic Bioethics theory is the first new theory of bioethics of consequence in 20 years, and arguably our best hope to provide morally satisfying answers to the complex questions of a contingent and changing world.

He anticipates the development of technology born of the marriage between computer power and DNA mapping that will enable the ordinary person to access their personal genome. Do you really want to know what your DNA codes are? For most people, their main concern will be whether their DNA harbors genes indicating susceptibility to a disease for themselves or their progeny. This volume approaches medicine's major moral dilemmas in a way that can help citizens work with policymakers to develop medical systems, structures, guidelines, and codes that serve the interests of most of the people most of the time. " Rosemarie Tong, Distinguished Professor of Health Care Ethics, University of North Carolina at Charlotte In 1997 Scottish biologist Ian Wilmut successfully cloned a sheep, Dolly, in a controversial act many perceived as the first step toward human cloning.

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