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Armenians use natural-taste spices a lot and balance this out with the freshness of the food.During the Armenian Genocide which occurred in the Ottoman Empire, led at the time by the Young Turks, the Turkish armed forces, militias, and members of the public engaged in a systematic campaign of genocidal rape against female Armenians and children of both sexes.Foreign men behold Armenian women with a positive air of mysticism.Men living overseas see girls from Armenia as stunning beauties and exotic charms, perhaps, due to their strange blend of European and Asian traits. It is in their nature to keep themselves to their husbands or partners alone.Because of this the Armenians, as well as other dhimmi, had little hope within the judicial system.According to Peter Balakian, "a well-armed Kurd or Turk could not only steal his [Armenian] host's possessions but could rape or kidnap the women and girls of the household with impunity." In 1895, Frederick Davis Greene, published The Armenian Crisis in Turkey: The Massacre of 1894, Its Antecedents and Significance.I did not believe this until I actually visited the country myself.Like the Asians, these people have very similar physical trademark features.

However, most of their inner beauty hinges on this fact.Armenia does not have strong international marriage agencies.The few available marriage agencies reach their targets through online dating platforms.Most men are authoritative by nature; as such, they do not want an equal but a woman who can submit humbly to him (sorry ladies, that is not to sound sexist. What cultural qualities do Armenian wives have that contributes to their positive eccentricity?Armenian cuisine are now popular far beyond the country’s borders.

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Given the positive traits I have just mentioned, it is easy to see why foreign men swoon for Armenian women as great prospects for dating. They are always ready to ensure the best for their children and husbands.

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