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A mass spectrum is a graph of detector signal intensity (on the vertical axis) versus mass-to-charge ratio (on the horizontal axis).A mass spectrum is a pattern of peaks, each corresponding to an ion with a specific mass-to-charge ratio.This meant that not one of the individual components in the bitumen sample--and there are tens of thousands of them--escaped their attention.They also determined the elemental composition of the constituents.

This indicates that the sample had been degrading for a long time within the amphora; apparently it had been there for 2,500 years.US researchers have used a mummy to demonstrate that ancient Egyptian bitumen did not come exclusively from the Dead Sea.If the age of the bitumen sample from the amphora is indeed close to 2,500 years, this implies a prolonged period of biodegradation due to the activity of bacteria, causing oxidation of the organic molecules in bitumen, i.e.Judging by the level of oxygen in the sample, they managed to accurately identify it's age: 2,500 years.Authors of the study believe that using this method in archaeology will lead to even more interesting discoveries.

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