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YOU ARE READING Romance What do you do when you see a dead body? No, you keep walking unless you want to be killed too. She did what any other human would do and called for help. People stared at me and I started to get the feeling that there was something on my face but there wasn't. You know I'm not that social" "Okay, well, me, you, Jaylee, Mysva and that new mysterious dude that Jaylee says you're dating" I rolled my eyes.

If it wasn't for Jaylee, I would still be cuddled up in bed with Aufiero. Grabbing my laptop bag, I walked inside of the building prepared for the day. Marcus was a cool kid but we haven't really been talking lately. We haven't talked in a while" "And who's fault is that? We can even invite some of our other friends" "What other friends?

Although the eye serum may be equivalent to a De Lorean in terms of luxury, it took me a great bit of searching to find the Orogold.

"Come on, I'll show you where it's posted" He led me down the main hallway. "Congradulations, Noelle Owen, on becoming valedictorian of this years senior class." I smiled at the sight. "Yeah, he's a little bit older than us though" He nodded. "Thanks" We took our seats on either ends of the room and waited for class to began.

I’d been there, done that, and mostly grew to accept my plight, until I found the Orogold Exclusive 24K 60-Second Eye Solution.

I’d like to say that the product just came to me, like my own souped-up De Lorean blazing out of the sky to take me to the land of eternal youth, but alas, I can’t.

Don't lie to me Marcus." He laughed too and grabbed my hand. I don't wanna be late" We made it to Professor Juniper's class on time. "Congradulations, Noelle" Despite Professor Juniper's weird behavior, he's an alright teacher.

"Hey, Noey, did Professor Juniper assign your class a novel assignment? "It's funny cause we can think of anything when we wanna write but when someone tells us to write, it's like we have topics block or something" I laughed harder than I should've.

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At the same time it's very important for me to meet a man who loves children, wants to have kids with his beloved woman in future.

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