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Strong Bad: Yeah, and the Poopsmith's not smelling any rosier, neither.

[a piece of paper hits Homestar from offscreen] Homestar Runner: Marzipan, mail's here.

Homestar Runner: [reading the note] No I don't.

Homestar has on a red chef's hat with googly eyes on it] Strong Bad: They were a couple in love.

[His bowler hat falls off and lands on Marzipan's dress] [During the audio commentary for "montage"] Matt Chapman: Listen...

Matt Chapman: And we've got Marzipan right here with us!

He heads over to Marzipan's house and watches Marzipan and Homestar chatting.[Strong Bad then stammers and clears his throat, talking like Homestar, only very poorly] Strong Bad: I mean, this is Homestar...Brooke Banner is so engrossed in her online romance novel, she doesnt even notice her favorite fantasy character come to life until hes undressed before her very eyes.Strong Bad: Okay, Poopsmith, that's the worst costume I ever saw.What, are you supposed to be dressed up as the product?

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