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There are other paid for apps (such as Facetune) that you can buy to give you more control over your image; from contrast and brightness to smoothing skin and sharpening blurriness.If you’re an Insta enthusiast, you might be interested to read that some scientists did a study to find the best filters.Another attachment that can greatly improve the stability of you selfie at any angle are Popsockets.Adult Work have our own branded Popsockets which will be available in our Online Store soon.In the Pilot Issue, there are shoots and interviews from Hannah Brooks, Barbie Sins, Lexi Lou, Queenie B, Anna Lee, Saffy Mc Kenna and Kinky Dirty Bitch The magazine looks great and is well worth checking out here is the only site where you can come and watch me getting naughty “live” on webcam daily!You also get 5 minutes FREE to come in and check out my naughty outfit or lack of it!The older your device is, the less likely it will have a high-quality camera.If you use different devices for work and personal life, make sure you use the one with the better camera for your selfies.

If you’re using an app to adjust contrast and brightness then be subtle.

I am always up for some naughty fun and have a studio full of sexy outfits and an armoury of naughty toys.

So if you fancy spicing up your day come see me here.

#Filters Rock Having a solid light source is an essential part of taking any type of photo.

Natural lighting is the best form of lighting, but, if you’re always taking selfies in your dark underground dungeon then we recommend investing in a selfie light.

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Instagram and Snapchat have lots of cool filters and effects that you can use.

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