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The journey may even be more fun than the destination. Guard Your Privacy: Use caution when revealing personal information. Careful what you say and stay away from taboo subjects, like religion, money, and politics.Don’t give out information such as home address, phone number, income, and details about home ownership. Stand Out: You need to be original and stand out from the rest of the participants. How are you going to distinguish yourself so that you are unique among many? Friends or Lovers: Be cautious when checking off someone you would like to see again as a friend. Don’t drink too much and make sure you dress to impress.

Because it is in person and you’re dealing with real people, participants are generally more concerned with how they come across and how they present themselves. Adding to this safety feature, speed daters are only connected up if there is a mutual match.However, when you don’t get the message until a second message is sent, you’ve probably already been deleted from “potential” contacts. When there is a YES on both ends the delays are short and sweet. (Hinge or Linked Up) And while I just got my account activated yesterday, I’m aware that this ultra-superficial process is a hot topic.My friend who has had some success with Tinder is a big fan.Or perhaps I’m not in the target range of any women that are attractive to me.There are certainly a few older women who introduce themselves. Onward through the fog and fury of online dating and the new quick apps.

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