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However, for the individual with anxiety, you are confronted with a dilemma: Do I try to manage my anxiety without asking for accommodation? But I don’t want to do that either, it doesn’t work! For long-standing anxiety that has demanded months or even years of accommodation, suddenly cutting it off cold turkey can be very distressing for most people.

But continuing to accommodate is making things worse.

Fortunately, using the Facing My Fears exposure format, you can learn how to gradually roll back your need for accommodation in a step-by-step, planned and predictable way.

It can help if you imagine that your anxiety is like a bully bossing you around and growing stronger by making you ask for accommodation in one situation, only to demand more accommodation in the next situation, and the next, and so on.

When the employer receives a request for accommodation, the employer should make multiple proposals for the employee, who can then review all proposals.

Lastly, when determining what forms of accommodation are needed, employers must know what the functional limitations of their employees are.

However, if an employer does not know about a disability, then the duty to accommodate is absent.

They may face perceptions that their disabilities are not real because they are not physical or visible.One reason for this rudeness is a fear that I will lose something when declining (e.g.a relationship or money), so I feel stuck between a rock and a hard place - I don't want to help, but I feel I should not decline.Most of the times, my rudeness while finally saying "no" is out of place, e.g.when my fiance needs something from me that actually makes sense, or a customer who needs some small task that they would actually pay for.

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