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[The] only difference is the guy will still sleep with you." That tweet hit a raw nerve last month.

But the claim, which racked up about 197,000 likes and over 41,000 retweets, flies in the face of all we've come to believe about the "friend zone" over the years.

"We became close and were doing things together and going on what I thought were dates, then one day he told me he'd finally got a girlfriend and that I should be happy because we're 'best friends'. " Reverse friend-zoning is a lot more common than most people would think, she believes, as men are often unaware they're doing it.

Jennifer*, 23, has been friend-zoned three times, most recently last month, by a man from a dating app whom she describes as having outdated, patriarchal values.

"Whether you're a man or a woman, it's best to get clear on what you want and only participate in relationships – friendly or romantic – where you're on equal footing."To anyone languishing in the friend zone right now, she recommends seeing it as a sign of your (non-romantic) worth, rather than a rejection.

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"Although this is not black and white and men do often develop feelings, because sexual intimacy can make people feel closer to one another."Candy, 25, is one woman who's found herself on the receiving end of a male friend-zoner.

She's been unceremoniously dumped in the zone about 10 times and many of the men have slept with her regardless.

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